Hi, I'm Bjørn Mathisen

I'm a recent graduate from Principia College with my Bachelors in Computer Science. I have 4 years of programming experience in a variety of student lead SCRUM/Agile projects and am confident in coding in a variety of languages; C#, C, .net, Python, Java, MYSQL/SQL/MongoDB. Other languages that I have been exposed to are LISP, Ruby, OpCode, Assembly, PHP. HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Masm32 and others. If you would like to see any of my personal and school related projects please see below.


January 2019 to the present

Field Engineer at Zerma

  • Installed and programmed both small- and large-scale granulators and grinders for industrial factories across the United States.
  • Installed and repaired injection molding machines across the United States.
  • Performed maintenance on inventory management computers and sped up operating speeds by 80 percent before the installation accounting software
January 2015 - December 2019

Observatory Manager at Principia College

  • Organized and trained over eight student operators; maintained the observatory schedule and organized public campus-wide events on a weekly basis.
  • Updated training manuals and facilitated the upgrade from DOS to EXP for the telescope control system.
  • President of the Astronomy Club which organized field trips and maintained a member count of over twenty five students.
May 2014 to August 2018

Season Construction Worker at Mchenry County Conservation District

  • Worked as an independent building and land maintenance seasonal employee.
  • Maintained over 40 different parks and other sites infrastructure as well as general building maintenance.

My Projects

Club Budgeting Tool Screenshot

Club Budgeting Tool

Issue Tracking
Unit Testing
Group Project

Using SCRUM workflow I developed a desktop C# Windows Forms application allowing students to login and access club budget information, create and store documents on a SQL server accessible from two GUIs. One being a normal user-level access, and the other being an admin-level access.

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Python GUI chat scren with example conversation

Python Chat Server and Client


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CRM Basic Screenshot - Main Menu images with buttons

Customer Management System

Issue Tracking
Unit Testing
Freelance Work

Desktop WPF C# application developed for a client that allows the user to manage bookings, clients, and view a calendar of future gigs, all hosted on a virtual SQL server.

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“Incredibly talented and hardworking. A super friendly guy who is a good communicator”

Martina Carter (CEO at Living History Edu-tainment)

“Wow, thank you for this, you were incredibly helpful and your explanation was very clear!”

Martina Carter


I'm currently available for freelance projects or full-time work. If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch through thebcm27@gmail.com.